Monday, September 30, 2013

Klaudia's Glacial Park Reflection

The trip to Glacial Park was very beneficial: not only were we learning about restoration ecology, we were also helping with the restoration process. The hands on experience allowed for better understanding of the topic as well as some outdoorsy fun. The hike up and down steep hills revealed beautiful scenery and resulted in some sore muscles the next day. After we had reached our destination, we were given glasses, gloves, saws, and loppers. Then, we were shown a site filled with invasive species that needed to be removed, and we got to work. We spent four hours sawing, lopping, pulling, and creating a burn pile of plants. The before and after pictures after just 30 minutes are quite impressive: 


I think the restoration process is necessary to make up for damage humans do not necessarily do to the specific site being restored but to the Earth in general. If it takes as long as 150 years to restore 3,500 acres with the help of restoration ecologists, then I would imagine it takes a lot longer to do it without their help.

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